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Varsity - February 16, 2012

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'' BADGERS Ask The Question of the Week: What's your most memorable Valentine's Day? FRANKIE SIMONELLI • SOPHOMORE • MEN'S HOCKEY "One time in elementary school, a girl gave me a box of Sweet Tarts with my name on it. That is probably about it. Girls don't usually do nice things for me. Usually I'm the one doing nice things on Valentine's Day." TIERA STEPHEN • JUNIOR • WOMEN'S BASKETBALL "My favorite Valentine's Day memories were the parties we had in our class in elementary school. We had to give cards to everyone and bring in treats for the class. Everyone had a box that you put the cards in, and my favorite cards that I gave out were from Toy Story — that was my favorite movie." MAVERICK DARLING • JUNIOR • MEN'S TRACK & FIELD "In middle school, the prettiest girl in my school gave me a flower for Valentine's Day and, because I was scared of girls, I didn't know what to do with it. So, I left it in my locker for about two months until, one day, she found the flower and it was dead. She didn't talk to me for awhile but, either way, I really didn't like the flower anyway." NATALIE BERG • SOPHOMORE • WOMEN'S HOCKEY "Last year I had two Valentines. One guy I had been seeing asked me out to dinner two weeks in advance. There was another guy I had been hanging out with, but we had never gone on a date, though I knew he liked me. He asked me what I was doing later, and I told him that, 'I had hockey and was kind of busy, but later maybe we could go get ice cream or something.' So I went to dinner with the first guy then came back and got ice cream with the second guy." 16 » VARSITY FEBRUARY 16, 2012

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