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Awesome Bars These bars are made with love by three sisters in San Francisco. Searching for a delicious, yet healthy, go-to snack the sisters got to work on creating their own granola bar. Hand made with toasted oats, fruits, nuts, and a layer of delicious chocolate - Awesome Bars don't disappoint. Available in several flavors, each bar is individually wrapped in bio-degradable packaging. Stanford Brut Including flavors of crisp pear and peach, this brut is dry and light-bodied. California produced by the Weibel family, the wine is named after the first Governor of California. This "California Champagne" is clean, crisp and refreshing. Filled with tree fruit flavors, it is well balanced with a long finish. Perfect for toasting, or almost any occasion. Reg. $7.99 | On Sale! $6.99 Evergreen Acres Organic Pasture-Fed Duck Eggs If you haven't tried these duck eggs before, you are truly missing a treat. Everything done on the Evergreen Acres Farm is focused on taking care of the ducks. With 36 acres of organic fields, the farm provides the ducks with five acres of grassland including a lush pond. They spend their days cleaning and feeding in the pond, eating on the pasture and sun bathing. We're one month into the New Year and we hope that your resolutions are holding strong. One of our resolutions here at New Leaf is to focus on the best of what's seasonally fresh at our local farms. With winter settling, it's our local roots that are coming out to play. The earthy charm of fresh beets, parsnips, turnips and rutabagas is hard to miss. Find six ways to try a new root this winter, including sliced radishes on a baguette with butter and sea salt – yum! And of course, we cannot forget the celebration of our loved ones this month. We encourage you to break a resolution this month, so you can indulge in delectable ports and fine chocolates. They are the perfect pair to share with friends and family. Chocolate can provide excellent support for the heart and blood vessels, and a good heart can lead to a happy life! WE LOVE FEBRuARy CONTRIBuTORS Michelle Berman Grocery Director Bonnie Ronzio Nutrition & Body Care Director Nancy K. Weimer Food Service Director Maroka Kawamura Produce Director Chris Farotte Meat & Seafood Director Oliver Carter Beer & Wine Merchandiser Sarah Owens Marketing Director Naomi Dresser Marketing Manager Terisa Davis Graphic Designer Tiffany Aris Community Programs Coordinator Ashlea Hartz Social Media and Communications Assistant Guido Masé RH (AHG) Chief Herbalist at Urban Moonshine Hand-PiCked By OUR new LeaF StaFF

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