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WELCOME I WANT TO WELCOME YOU TO THE NEW PAC-12, a Conference steeped in tradition and focused on defining the future. Our vision is rooted in the West Coast, where a pioneering spirit and innovation have helped create some of the most significant advancements and leaders the world has ever known. The Pac-12 continues to be the most innovative Conference in the country. Our foundation lies on the field where we are known as the "Conference of Champions" with 451 NCAA titles. This talent took center stage at the 2012 London Olympics where 255 of our current or former student-athletes captured 45 medals, including 19 gold, while representing 44 different countries and playing 18 different sports. The start of 2012 saw the beginning of our landmark television deal and the launch of Pac-12 Networks - a wholly independent content organization dedicated exclu- sively to supporting the missions of the Conference and our member institutions. These media initiatives provide unprecedented coverage of all our athletic programs and showcase the best of what the Conference has to offer. Also this fall, the Pac-12 embarked on a tour of China as part of the U.S.-China University Sports week. The UCLA men's basketball team joined the Pac-12 as we took another step to promote the Conference and our member institutions through educational collaboration, cultural exchange, and sport. With great pride and respect for our rich history of academic excellence, we will continue to uphold the traditions and embrace that broad-based commitment to success as we navigate through a new era in college athletics. Our member institu- tions are centers of excellence fueled by an imperishable pursuit of research and discovery. The students and leaders who have helped shape the Conference for nearly a century continue to impact the world and inspire the next generation to even greater heights. We will push a bold agenda that takes advantage of our member institutions and matches their commitment to the students with forward-looking initiatives. We are very excited about what the future holds for the Pac-12 and look forward to another dynamic season of high-caliber competition. Sincerely, Commissioner Larry Scott PAC-12 CONFERENCE // WELCOME

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