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white black Authority, power, stability, strength and intelligence are all associated with black. But it's just as likely to conjure feelings of evil, somberness and mourning. Black is a serious color that evokes strong emotions and can make people appear thinner, but it can just as easily overwhelm if used in excess. A compression of all the colors in the color spectrum, white is associated with purity, cleanliness and safety in most of the world. It's the perfect backdrop for any color, but can also be used to project the absence of color, neutrality and creativity. Wall: Silver Lining 32-32 green Green is the color of growth, nature and money. While dark forest green is associated with conservatism, masculinity and wealth, light green is calming, harmonious and peaceful. It's also traditionally associated with envy, good luck, generosity, comfort and fertility. Create a botanical atmosphere by matching green with a cool blue, light brown or beige. Using green with orange, yellow or even purple can create a fruity palette. gray Practical, timeless, middle-of-the-road and solid, gray is a cool, neutral color that adds a sense of balance. It's often perceived as sophisticated and formal, though too much gray feels cold and uninspiring. A by-product of gray, silver is usually associated with strong character and kindness. Include a dark shade of gray in your palette to add masculinity or a lighter shade to create a cooling effect. brown Many men list brown as their favorite color. Most often associated with reliability, stability and friendship, it's a masculine, natural, organic color that conveys wholesomeness. Lighter browns imply genuineness, while darker tones mimic wood and leather. Brown paired with green can create a very earthy atmosphere, while brown paired with a yellow-gold or orange can make a space feel warm and inviting. Deep purple or gray mixed with brown will produce a conservative, yet comfortable, environment. Wall: Sea Hawk 33-26 Wall: Seed of Life 13-18 P&L Color Expressions 5

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