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interior project planner There's no question that a fresh coat of paint can make an enormous difference in a room, but proper preparation is essential. Gathering the right tools and supplies and using the right primer and sheen are important to achieving the look you want. Paint Quantity One gallon of paint covers approximately 400 square feet. To determine the size of your room, measure the perimeter (length and width) and add all four numbers together. Then multiply the perimeter by the height. Be sure to deduct doors (average of 21 sq. ft.) and windows (average of 15 sq. ft.) and then divide the remainder by 400. How to estimate gallons needed: Length + Length + Width + Width = Total Perimeter Total Perimeter x Height – Doors & Windows = Total Square Footage Total Square Footage ÷ 400 = Gallons Needed Supply Checklist Depending on what room you're painting and what type of paint and fi nish you want, having all the supplies and tools you need before you start can save a lot of time and frustration. • Flat brush for walls, angle brush for trim • Roller frame and covers • Drop cloth • Painter's tape • Paint trays • Ladder • Spackle and putty knife (if necessary) • Sandpaper • Nail hole fi ller • Rags • Screwdriver (to remove switch plates) • Paint can opener • Gloves Wild Lime 17-10 30 P&L Color Expressions

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