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Brushes, rollers & Accessories Brochas, rodillos y accesorios 3 9'' KwIK-rELEAsE ® rOLLEr frAME • Tap shank and roller cover comes off quickly and easily • Manufactured with heavy-duty chromed steel rods and Teflon bearings Portarodillo de 9" KWIK-Release® 1712660 $ 8. 85 S A L E P R I C E conTracTor SerIeS ® 6'' sTrIpED wOVEN MINI rOLLErs 1/2" NAp, 6-Pack • Provides excellent durability and exceptional paint pick-up and release • For use with all paints • Best for flat paints and primers • Use for touch-up paint areas Ofrece durabilidad excelente y absorbencia y aplicación de pintura excepcional. Para uso con todo tipo de pinturas. Es ideal para pinturas mate y primarios. Para usarse en áreas de retoque. 650166176 $ 10. 97 S A L E P R I C E conTracTor SerIeS ® 24'' frAME / 6.5'' pINK pOLyEsTEr MINI rOLLEr cOMBO • General purpose, knitted polyester provides extreme durability • Dense fabric specially formulated for excellent paint pickup and release. Good all purpose mini roller • Resilient fibers offer best protection from fabric matting • For use with all paints and primers • For use on semi-smooth to rough surfaces Para uso general, tejido de poliéster de duración extrema. 650182645 $ 4. 68 S A L E P R I C E conTracTor SerIeS ® 7" MINI-rOLLEr pLAsTIc pAINT TrAy • Plastic paint tray compatible with all mini roller elite roller covers • Holds a quart of paint Bandeja plástica de pintura para minirodillos de 7" Contractor Series® 1806975 $ 2. 49 S A L E P R I C E Purdy ® chINEx BrUsh • 100% Chinex synthetic bristle for smooth paint finish • Extremely durable brush that works well in heat and humidity Brocha de Chinex Purdy® S I z E S A L E P R I C E 2-1/2" glide angle SaSh $ 14. 95 1702877 3" glide angle SaSh $ 16. 95 1710987 3" Sprig Trim $ 16. 95 1711001 Purdy ® prO-ExTrA ® gLIDE NyLON/pOLyEsTEr/chINEx BrUsh • Ideal for VOC-compliant coatings or oil paints • A uniquely formulated blend of Tynex ® , nylon and Orel ® , polyester and Chinex, it has the best traits that all of these filaments have to offer Brocha de nailon/poliéster/chinex Purdy® Pro-Extra® Glide S I z E S A L E P R I C E 2-1/2" glide angle SaSh $ 14. 49 5913959 3" glide angle SaSh $ 17. 98 5912514 3" Swan wall $ 18. 69 5912522 WATCH VIDEO

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