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Varsity - April 17, 2022

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18 // VARSITY April 17, 2014 BY LINDA LEPAY // WIFE OF THE VOICE OF THE BADGERS THE VOICE S ince Matt is busy with all things Brewers, he's asked me to write his last column of the season. This is an unusual April for us. Typically I am getting reac- quainted with Matt and learning to have him around the house again. It's always an awkward time. He wants to know what's for dinner. He wants to talk. You see what I mean. But this year is different. Matt is doing about 35 Brewers TV broad- casts, filling in for Brian Anderson who is doing some national TV work. It's a terrific opportunity that will have Matt in Milwaukee and on the road with The Crew. For me that means more time without him. That also means the cereal-for-dinner tradition continues at least for a while. After almost nine months of cov- ering the Badgers, Matt's summer vacation will have to wait a little longer. "How can I help?" I asked (using my loving, wife-y voice). "Hmmmm. Well, you could clean the cat box. Like all the time," he re- plied. "And I need more dress shirts. Could you pick some up?" I usually don't need to be asked twice to shop. Then I entered the dark, parallel universe of the men's clothing department. Guys, I am so sorry this is how you procure gar- ments. The dress shirt ritual was me- dieval. First I sorted through rows upon rows of items that look exactly the same with the exception of the neck size and sleeve length. (Neck size? Seriously?) All those shirts were held hostage by straight pins, cardboard of various shapes and wrapped in a plastic bag. The women's department discovered hangers decades ago. The real fun began when I brought the shirts home and washed them, especially the ones that claimed to be wrinkle-free. The rumpled mass of fabric in my dryer proves that wrinkle-free is just a botched theory. So off to the dry cleaners to have the shirts properly ironed. My education at THE Ohio State University did not prepare me for this. Plus does anyone else see the irony of this for a guy who has spent the majority of his career on the radio? If anyone asks how I helped the Brew Crew this season I will proud- ly point to Matt's crisp shirts and the clean cat box. Yep, I did my part. But seriously I am proud of what Matt is doing this summer with the Brewers. Even though he didn't specifically ask, I felt it my duty to prep him on the finer points of the Klement's Racing Sausages (the finest promotion in all of Major League Baseball). I also keep him up-to-date on the comings and go- ings of Hank the Dog. In addition, I plan to scope out all the best food at Miller Park. I don't know if he yet appreciates all the work I've done on his behalf. But, as we all know, it takes a vil- lage to put a sportscaster on the air. Have a wonderful and warm summer! Matt will see you back here in August. In what is truly a tradition unlike any other, Mrs. The Voice ― Matt's wife, Linda ― has once again han- dled the writing for the year's final edition of "The Voice." The weekly column will return to Varsity ― with Matt at the keyboard ― in August. Where's Waldo Matt? Check your TV screen MRS.

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