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Varsity - March 27, 2014

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26 // VARSITY March 27, 2014 ' ' ASK THE BADGERS ' ' QUESTION OF THE WEEK: How do you find a balance between basketball and academics during postseason travel? BRONSON KOENIG // FRESHMAN TRAEVON JACKSON // JUNIOR TRACEY MALONEY // ACADEMIC SERVICES "Academics at UW is tough enough so it's a huge help when we have someone like Tracey who is there to guide us, especially on trips where we don't have control over our schedules and study time. Using our time wisely on the road is huge, and Tracey does a good job of keeping us on track with homework, tests and understanding the material we are learning." "Coach Ryan stresses academics all the time and it's definitely an emphasis. The important thing is trying to stay ahead on your reading or studying if you can. You also need to be in communication with the professors about time you'll miss and how you can make up what you miss." "During the postseason, it's important for us to try to look ahead and plan in advance as much as possible. We have the student- athletes communicate with their instructors and also encourage them to rely on their peers in their classes for notes, etc. While we're on the road, we set aside study table times and I serve as a resource for them in terms of proofreading papers, helping them organize their time, as well as administering exams as needed." SAM DEKKER // SOPHOMORE "It's a challenge sometimes staying ahead on your classes, but we have great support staff. I've missed an exam due to road trips, but Tracey from Academic Services travels with us and proctors the tests from the road. She's a big help to us."

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