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2 0 1 8 - 1 9 P A C - 1 2 Y E A R I N R E V I E W P A C - 1 2 C O N F E R E N C E INTRODUCTION: FROM THE COMMISSIONER I am delighted to share with you this recap of the highlights of the 2018-19 academic campaign for our Conference and universities. For the 14th-consecutive year, the Pac-12 led all collegiate conferences by winning 13 NCA A titles. This remarkable achievement, bringing the Conference's leading total NCA A championships to 526, earned for us the right to retain our title as the "Conference of Champions." That moniker is much more than just a title: it reflects our commitment to overall athletic and academic excellence, a commitment that extends to all our student-athletes, men and women, and their coaches and families. It is a source of great pride for our Conference. The Pac-12 mission is to develop the next generation of leaders by championing excellence in academics, athletics and the well-being of student-athletes. As I think back on this past year – from the important governance role that our student-athletes continue to play through our Student- Athlete Advisory Committee, to the remarkable career of Miss Val at UCL A coming to a close, to the incredible success of our Women's Softball and Women's Basketball teams, to our continued groundbreaking work with our Student-Athlete Health and Well-Being Initiative, and commitment to mental health support in particular – I think we can all be proud of our collective efforts to achieve this mission for our student-athletes. One of the highlights for me each and every year is to listen to and watch our student-athletes in action off the field of play, be at our Council meetings, media days, at our China Game, or around our campuses – these remarkable young women and men inspire us with their talent, dedication and desire to make a positive impact, and make us all work harder to achieve our mission on their behalf. In this Year in Review, you'll find an abundance of information on the performance of our teams in a wide variety of sports and, overall, the year was a great success. The results include several firsts: the first Pac-12 Women's Basketball Tournament to be held in Las Vegas (where our men's tournament was also held) and our first ever Pac-12 Women's Gymnastics Championships to be held at a neutral site. Each was a great success. Beyond achievement on the field and the court, the Pac-12 made important advances in several areas. We extended our leadership in student-athlete health and well-being by funding additional research, with an emphasis on mental health, and we played a leadership role in achieving greater attention to mental health by all five major conferences. At our Pac-12 Sustainability Conference, hosted by the University of Colorado, we launched the first sustainability platform in college athletics with "Pac-12 Team Green," promoting environmental efforts taking place on and around our universities' campuses. Once again, our global vision for the Pac-12 took us to China, where Cal took on Yale in the annual Pac-12 China Game, while providing a unique opportunity for cultural exchange as well as cultivation of new fans and relationships. Next season, for the first time, the China Game will feature an all- Pac-12 matchup: Arizona State and Colorado. These and more highlights fill the pages that follow, and I hope you enjoy reading them. Finally, I want to once again express my appreciation to the leaders of our member universities, who together form the governing council of the Conference. Our group's vision and leadership has kept the Conference in the forefront of intercollegiate athletics, athletically, academically and in their focus for the overall health and welfare of our student-athletes. I also want to express my appreciation and admiration to our athletic directors, senior women's administrators, and coaches and staff – as well as the Conference staff. Most of all, I want to congratulate all of our student- athletes on another great year on the field, on the court and in the classroom. You inspire us all. Larry Scott, Pac-12 Commisioner

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