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15 FALL 2018 • VOLUME 8.1 COLORADO MESA UNIVERSITY C olorado Mesa University is a lot like other colleges, and then again, it isn't. "We are similar to a lot of institutions grounded in liberal arts … a focus on education rather than research, small classes instead of large lecture classes, students interacting directly with faculty rather than with teaching assistants," said CMU President Tim Foster, "but we're different culturally. We have a history of doing things that are unique." Unique facilities, niche programs, unusual offerings, uncommon opportunities — whatever you call them, they are what make CMU different and worthy of the name Maverick. Where do these unusual offerings of CMU and its community college, Western Colorado Community College, come from? From everywhere. "We stay open to ideas from faculty, area businesses, everywhere," Foster said. Since its beginnings in 1925, CMU has had a culture of attracting faculty who love to teach and interact with students. Those teacher-scholars bring their enthusiasm, interests and specialized expertise with them. These teacher-scholars, along with university leadership, continue to propel CMU's drive to find niche areas of opportunity to better serve students in an ever-changing world. NICHE OFFERINGS AFFORD UNIQUE OPPORTUNITIES CMU continues to blaze its own path by offering unique programs and facilities to better serve students in an ever-changing world. By Deborah Dawes

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