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APRIL 2015 | VOLUME 29 The L a r ge s t You t h S occe r C lub in t he Wor ld THE RUSH WAY T h E D I G ITA L n E W S L E T T E R f O R R U S h S O C C E R M E M b E R S A n D A f f I L I AT E S | R U S h S O C C E R . C O M Tim Schulz, Rush Soccer President & CEO Directors, the Coaching and the Administra on and of course players. Do your job and do it very well. Play on field is considered most of what makes a club great. But there is more, a great club is made up of individuals a racted to each other all with common traits such as accountability, tenacity, passion and unity to name a few or our core values. The best must be dedicated to doing their job over and over in their quest for perfec on. Whether it be on the field or off, the original ABC's that got every- one else to the top are o en discarded as maybe being too simple or too archaic; trying to reinvent the already discovered wheel, except they forget that if it never broke, don't fix it, just con nue to build up from it. As I'm watching the past weeks of Champions League match- es, I'm pondering a simple yet most important ques on as it pertains to my job and the clubs collec ve goal; what makes the best clubs in the world the best? No other club begs this ques on than Spain's FC Barcelona. The 115-year-old club has won their league, La Liga, 22 mes, the Copa del Rey which is the Spanish only tournament a record 26 mes and the most coveted trophy of world football, the UEFA Champions League, four mes which they are s ll in the running a er their deci- sive win over Manchester City. All the while notorious for the unbelievably a rac ve and fun to watch playing style that has come to be synonymous with Barcelona. All this success boils down to mastering the basics. This is an obvious statement to those commi ed to the bet- terment of their club, or as an individual, and intrinsic to my job with a seemingly more obvious and cliché answer. Howev- er, most clichés are just overused truths. "Ge ng back to the basics" is used all the me in areas such as sport and business but to me couldn't be more valuable. Many mes profession- als make it look easy especially when it comes to the skill of Barcelona and they got this way by every player on the team mastering the fundamentals of football. This easily translates to the youth game and in fact every aspect of a top football club. In order for Rush to be recognized as a top club, we must master the basics through everyone involved, Board of

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