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143 2016-17 PAC-12 MEN'S BASKETBALL // HISTORY PAC-12 IN THE NBA DRAFT Draft began in 1947. 1st Round picks only listed from 1967-78 (order prior to 1967 unavailable). All picks listed since 1979. Number in parenthesis after year is rounds of Draft. 1967 (20) 1st (none) 1968 (21) 1st 11. Bill Hewitt (USC), Los Angeles 1969 (20) 1st 1. Lew Alcindor (UCLA), Milwaukee 3. Lucius Allen (UCLA), Seattle 1970 (19) 1st 14. John Vallely (UCLA), Atlanta 16. Gary Freeman (OSU), Milwaukee 1971 (19) 1st 2. Sidney Wicks (UCLA), Portland 7. Cliff Meely (COLO), San Diego 9. Stan Love (ORE), Baltimore 11. Curtis Rowe (UCLA), Detroit (Phil Chenier (CAL), taken by Balti- more in 1st round of supplementary draft for hardship cases) 1972 (10) 1st 5. Fred Boyd (OSU), Phoenix 10. Paul Westphal (USC), Boston 1973 (21) 1st 16. Swen Nater (UCLA), Milwaukee 1974 (10) 1st 1. Bill Walton (UCLA), Portland 6. Scott Wedman (COLO), KC-Omaha 10. Mike Sojourner (UTAH), Atlanta 11. Keith Wilkes (UCLA), Golden State 1975 (10) 1st 2. David Meyers (UCLA), Los Angeles 5. Lionel Hollins (ASU), Portland 7. Rich Kelley (STAN), New Orleans 15. John Lambert (USC), Cleveland 1976 (10) 1st 3. Richard Washington (UCLA), Kansas City 10. Ron Lee (ORE), Phoenix 1977 (Eight) 1st 3. Marques Johnson (UCLA), Milwaukee 4. Greg Ballard (ORE), Washington 1978 (10) 1st 22. Ray Townsend (UCLA), Golden State 1979 (10) 1st 2. Dave Greenwood (UCLA), Chicago 9. Larry Demic (ARIZ), New York 10. Roy Hamilton (UCLA), Detroit 11. Cliff Robinson (USC), New Jersey 14. Brad Holland (UCLA), Los Angeles 2nd 32. Tony Zeno (ASU), Indiana 4th 67. Greg Deane (UTAH), Utah 73. James Donaldson (WSU), Seattle 5th 89. Perry Wolfe (STAN), Utah 6th 114. Steve Smith (USC), Chicago 123. Dan Hartshorne (ORE), Philadelphia 9th 175. Gene Ransom (CAL), Golden State 180. Coby Leavitt (UTAH), Philadelphia 181. Emmett Lewis (COLO), Denver 10th 190. Marvin Thomas (UCLA), Chicago 195. Kelvin Small (ORE), Portland 1980 (10) 1st 11. Kiki Vandeweghe (UCLA), Dallas 18. Don Collins (WSU), Atlanta 2nd 42. Kimberly Belton (STAN), Phoenix 3rd 47. Kurt Nimphius (ASU), Denver 50. James Wilkes (UCLA), Chicago 53. Stuart House (WSU), Cleveland 65. Doug True (CAL), Phoenix 5th 95. Don Carfino (USC), Golden State 103. Darrell Allums (UCLA), Dallas 6th 134. Coby Leavitt (UTAH), Phoenix 7th 141. Lorenzo Romar (WASH), Golden State 148. Greg Sims (UCLA), Portland 152. Joe Nehls (ARIZ), Houston 1981 (10) 1st 7. Steve Johnson (OSU), Kansas City 5. Danny Vranes (UTAH), Seattle 8. Tom Chambers (UTAH), San Diego 21. Alton Lister (ASU), Milwaukee 2nd 33. Sam Williams (ASU), Golden State 36. Ray Blume (OSU), Indiana 3rd 53. Mark Radford (OSU), Seattle 60. Purvis Miller (USC), Indiana 61. Petur Gudmundsson (WASH), Portland 4th 79. Ron Davis (ARIZ), Washington 5th 96. Joe Cooper (COLO), New Jersey 97. Mike Clark (ORE), Utah 99. Andra Griffin (WASH), Seattle 108. Johnny Nash (ASU), Chicago 6th 116. Karl Bankowski (UTAH), Dallas 129. Robert Fronk (WASH), Indiana 134. Kevin Singleton (CAL), Los Angeles 146. JoJo Hunter (COLO), Milwaukee 7th 148. Roby Dosty (ARIZ), Golden State 9th 212. Brian Johnson (COLO), Phoenix 10th 206. Vic Sison (UCLA), New Jersey 213. Barry Brooks (USC), Golden State 216. Kenny Easley (UCLA), Chicago 220. Felton Sealey (ORE), Phoenix 1982 (10) 1st 11. Lafayette Lever (ASU), Portland 14. Lester Conner (OSU), Golden State 22. Mark McNamara (CAL), Philadelphia 2nd 41. Dwight Anderson (USC), Houston 3rd 52. Dan Caldwell (WASH), New York 65. John Greig (ORE), Seattle 4th 72. Mark Eaton (UCLA), Utah 74. Mike Sanders (UCLA), Kansas City 7th 151. Tony Anderson (UCLA), New Jersey 159. Maurice Williams (USC), Los Angeles 8th 173. Jacques Tuz (COLO), San Diego 180. Steve Burks (WASH), Seattle 9th 199. Ken Lyles (WASH), Denver 200. Dean Sears (UCLA), Denver 1983 (10) 1st 4. Byron Scott (ASU), San Diego 2nd 28. Rod Foster (UCLA), Phoenix 34. Guy Williams (WSU), Washington 43. Pace Mannion (UTAH), Golden State 45. Paul Williams (ASU), Phoenix 3rd 48. Craig Ehlo (WSU), Houston 53. Michael Holton (UCLA), Golden State 57. Darren Daye (UCLA), Washington 60. Steve Harriel (WSU), Kansas City 5th 109. Brad Watson (WASH), Seattle 7th 143. Dan Evans (OSU), San Diego 144. Jacque Hill (USC), Chicago 145. Peter Williams (UTAH), Golden State 147. Rob Gonzalez (COLO), Detroit 8th 177. Frank Smith (ARIZ), Portland 10th 219. Aaron Haskins (WSU), Kansas City 1984 (10) 1st 13. Jay Humphries (COLO), Phoenix 21. Kenny Fields (UCLA), Milwaukee 2nd 29. Stuart Gray (UCLA), Indiana 38. Charles Sitton (OSU), Dallas 4th 71. Ralph Jackson (UCLA), Indiana 92. John Revelli (STAN), LA Lakers 6th 138. Keith Jones (STAN), LA Lakers 7th 141. Butch Hays (CAL), Chicago 144. David Brantley (ORE), Clippers 146. Michael Pitts (CAL), San Antonio 152. Gary Gatewood (ORE), Seattle 8th 177. Chris Winans (UTAH), New Jersey 1985 (Seven) 1st 8. Detlef Schrempf (WASH), Dallas 15. Blair Rasmussen (ORE), Denver 23. A.C. Green (OSU), LA Lakers 3rd 49. Brad Wright (UCLA), Golden State 62. Nigel Miguel (UCLA), New Jersey 4th 74. Jim Deines (ASU), LA Clippers 75. Alex Stivrins (COLO), Seattle 89. Pete Williams (ARIZ), Denver 5th 99. Wayne Carlander (USC), Sacramento 106. Clayton Olivier (USC), San Antonio 6th 128. Chris Harper (ORE), San Antonio 7th 143. Gary Maloncon (UCLA), LA Clippers 1986 (Seven) 5th 103. Keith Morrison (WSU), Sacramento 104. Paul Fortier (WASH), Washington 106. Jerry Adams (ORE), Portland 7th 141. Steve Woodside (OSU), Indiana 1987 (Seven) 1st 7. Kevin Johnson (CAL), Cleveland 11. Reggie Miller (UCLA), Indiana 15. Jose Ortiz (OSU), Utah 16. Christian Welp (WASH), Philadelphia 2nd 37. Derrick Dowell (USC), Washington 3rd 51. Sven Meyer (ORE), Sacramento 4th 76. Steve Beck (ASU), Phoenix 79. Jack Haley (UCLA), Chicago 5th 114. Dave Butler (CAL), Boston 6th 128. Dwayne Scholten (WSU), Washington 7th 149. Montel Hatcher (UCLA), Indiana 1988 (Three) 2nd 34. Tom Tolbert (ARIZ), Charlotte 37. Greg Butler, (STAN), New York 44. Anthony Taylor (ORE), Atlanta 50. Steve Kerr (ARIZ), Phoenix 1989 (Two) 1st 3. Sean Elliott (ARIZ), San Antonio 10. Pooh Richardson (UCLA), Minnesota 15. Todd Lichti (STAN), Denver 24. Anthony Cook (ARIZ), Phoenix 2nd 50. Brian Quinnett (WSU), New York 1990 (Two) 1st 2. Gary Payton (OSU), Seattle 2nd 36. Trevor Wilson (UCLA), Atlanta 38. Jud Buechler (ARIZ), Seattle 1991 (Two) 1st 10. Brian Williams (ARIZ), Orlando 11. Terrell Brandon (ORE), Cleveland 25. Shaun Vandiver (COLO), Golden State 2nd 48. Isaac Austin (ASU), Utah

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