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10 Crusader Nation • Fall 2016 L oyola Academy, a revered Jesuit high school located 40 minutes outside of Chicago, has a lot in common with Holy Cross, according to Luke Ford '17, a 6' 2" defensive back and co- captain of this year's Crusader Football team. "Holy Cross and Loyola are strikingly similar," says Ford. "They're both genuinely dedicated to the idea of forming men and women for, and with, others. They're both devoted to the no- tion of the student-athlete who excels in both of those areas. And they both feature a loyalty and a sense of belonging among their respec- tive alumni families that is incredible." Maybe that shared ethos is why Loyola has been a top feeder school for so many years, sending dozens of student-athletes from Wil- mette to Worcester for decades now. The list of Loyola-Holy Cross alumni is both long and impressive. And the connection between the two schools is especially evident this year: Ford's fellow senior and Crusader co-captain is former Loyola Rambler, 6'2", 213 lb. quarterback Peter Pujals '17. Ford and Pujals will be joined on Fitton Field this season by another Loyola alum, 6'5", 297 lb. offensive lineman Jimmy Murray '17. "When we were at Loyola," says Pujals. "Luke and I received offers to play for Holy Cross on the same day. And we both committed right about the same time. I remember a few months later, being in my physics class with Jimmy, and he leaned over and told me that he was headed to Worcester as well. Ever since then, we've kid- ded him that he followed us here." Murray may have made his college decision a bit later than his fellow Illinoians, but he's adamant that Mount St. James turned out to be the right place for him. And that the tradi- tion should continue. "I'm hoping even more students from Loyola will continue to consider Holy Cross in the future," says Murray. "When I consider how helpful alumni from both schools have been to me, it makes me want to contrib- ute to the strong alumni tradition." The Loyola-Holy Cross brotherhood was out in force this last May 25, when a group of Ram- bler-Crusader alums gathered at the Chicago Reception for the Friends of Holy Cross Foot- ball. Hosted by Fred O'Connor '84, P18, and Kevin Golden '09. O'Connor sees Loyola as a fine foundation for the Holy Cross experience. "At both schools," O'Connor says, "there is an overarching sense that people really care about your development and want you to achieve your potential. Ramblers may seek out Holy Cross because of the Jesuit or a family connec- tion, but what they find on The Hill is genuine, demanding, fun, and fulfilling. They also create friends for life, and involvement in a robust and on-going community of alumni." Ford concurs. "I think of Loyola and Holy Cross as two sources of the same wisdom," says Ford. "The most important lessons of my life, the most lasting values, came out of both schools. Everything was geared toward teaching the importance of a generous dedication to taking care of others. Or, in the words of St. Ignatius, 'To give... and not to count the cost.'" Whether in Wilmette or Worcester, the philoso- phy is timeless. By Jack O'Connell '81 Pujals, Ford, and Murray are just the most recent Ramblers to become Crusaders. They follow in the tradition of: Rev. Thomas Henehan '60 Paul Klauke '72 Mike Murnane '80 Fred O'Connor '84 Mike Anderson '85 Jim Boyle '85 Kevin Garvey '85 John Coleman '86 Chris Degenhardt '86 Mike Dooley '86 Jim O'Gara '88 Mark Murnane '89 Mark Vanecko '89 Bill Pragalz '04 The Illinois Boys Holy Cross and Loyola Academy in Wilmette, Ill., share more than a Jesuit heritage. (left to right) Peter Pujals, Jimmy Murray, Luke Ford

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