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12 Crusader Nation • Fall 2016 CATCHING UP WITH Crusaders Susie Whelan Horan '07 Holy Cross Field Hockey Alumna and Former Assistant Coach Y ears after leaving the Holy Cross classroom and field, Susie Whelan Horan '07 carries the lessons learned on The Hill with her, sharing them — as an educator, coach, and mentor — with her students. When professors Cristi Rinklin and Joanna Ziegler suggested that educa- tion would be a good field for her, Horan, a studio art major and Field Hockey player, wasn't so sure. It wasn't until after graduation, when she be- came an assistant field hockey coach at the College, that she began to see that they were on to something. "I had a transformative experience," says Horan, who went from being a student on the team to a coach and mentor almost overnight. Beyond her work with the Field Hockey players, Horan's interest in education grew dur- ing her experience recruiting students for Holy Cross. "I became interested in helping families and students go through the recruiting process to find a good fit," Horan shares. "I really enjoyed working with students through that transition." After coaching at Holy Cross for three seasons, as well as coaching at Boston College and Worcester State University, Horan decided to make the jump from higher education to high school, now with a Master of Science in Administrative Studies from Boston College under her belt. Currently, Horan is the director of financial aid and associate director of admissions at Chapel Hill – Chauncy Hall School in Waltham, Mass., where she works with students and families every day. "I always wanted to work at the administrative level where I can make an impact and help change lives," says Horan, who serves as an advocate for students through her work on financial aid policies at the school. "I've had the opportunity to campaign for our financial aid program and advocate for a variety of students from around the country, some from disadvantaged backgrounds, and give them the opportunity to get a great education. It has been incredibly rewarding." Horan credits Holy Cross for instilling in her a desire to pursue a career — and a life — with intention. "Holy Cross taught me how to make sure I was following my heart and that whatever I was doing in my life had a purpose. It helped educate the whole person in me — how to understand myself and how to be resilient; how to find my calling but also understand the process of getting there," says Horan, a perspective she aims to pass on to her students. In addition to her administrative work at Chapel Hill, Horan serves as a mentor on the field as well — on the lacrosse field, that is. She passes on lessons from her field hockey days on being reli- able, consistent, and disciplined to her students, seeing the value in being a female role model for her students, just as her coaches were for her. "I was so impacted by my coaches in college, particularly Meg Galligan. I find myself saying little things that she used to say to my own students. She would tell us to 'slow down time,' to be in the moment, conscious of our ac- tions and what we were doing — both on and off the field. That's something I now tell my students." Although her time on The Hill is over, Horan still remains connected to Holy Cross, was recently married in St. Joseph Memorial Chapel to Harvard assistant football coach Michael Horan. "I do my best to get people togeth- er, give every year, and spread the word about Holy Cross," says Horan, who believes in what Holy Cross has to offer, having seen what it has offered her. "I left with an understanding of myself and my purpose. Changing the world a little bit and helping others around you starts with you. It starts with making yourself the best you can be in this moment." Whether in the classroom or on the field, Horan continues to carry on this mission for herself and for her students. By Evangelia Stefanakos '14 Horan on the sidelines as an assistant Field Hockey coach during the 2009 season.

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