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ED COONEY President, Affinity Bank Atlanta, GA President's Corner Featuring Ed Cooney One of the largest commonalities we have at Affinity Bank with our dental clients is that we are all small business people. Unlike our large corporate competitors, we value the personal relationship with each and every one of our clients/patients and take a long term approach with our recommended 'treatment plans.' For us, they are not just our clients/ patients, they are our friends and we obtain the highest level of personal satisfaction for providing them with great service. We both charge a fair price and offer a customized ap- proach. We also both feel that we can thrive in this competitive market as the growing percentage of the local population seeks out and appreciates the high level of care we offer vs. mega banks/corporate dental offices that just cannot compete with our personalized service. But… do we really put our money where our mouth is? Do WE support small businesses in our community when it comes time to re- ciprocate buying products and services? Or, do we head to Walmart, Home Depot, or a Mega Bank in a Pavlovian response to years of continuous marketing? Have you ever stopped to think why these large corporations have to market incessantly? It is to replace and silence dissatisfied clients who are fleeing for better service from smaller businesses/prac- tices like us. Big box retailers have their mar- ket segments; it just doesn't include our bank and your practice. IF you want your patients to find the value your practice provides, show them how it's done. Support your local busi- nesses as they are the ones who support you. At Affinity Bank, you won't see us spending big marketing dollars on commercials full of gimmicks and pitches to just get you in the door. We believe in investing in our employ- ees, our existing clients, and the associations and organizations that support you; the same way that you do for your patients and staff. It's time to take a walk down Main Street with Affinity, let the big banks and corporate dental offices take the short ride on Wall St. where the bottom line trumps client and patient value. Keep our economy strong, support lo- cal businesses and let us know how we can help you provide a solid financial foundation whether it's professionally or personally.

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