March 2015

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138 at attitude has Libby praising Youd as a Hawk- eye. "She never puts herself first," said Libby. "You can see that in practice; she cares deeply for her team- mates, coaches, and anybody that works with her. She is always willing to do whatever it takes to put the team ahead. It's rare to find that in a young woman; we're lucky." Libby has seen Youd's confidence progress during the first month of the season, and she has shown an unwavering demeanor in competitions. "She's calm and cool, you'll never see her up or down," said Libby. "It takes a lot to rattle her. For how young she is, she handles herself with grace and integrity at all times, and it shows out there. "We're pleased with where she is, every challenge we've given to her, she has taken it, run with it, and surpassed it. Right now she's competing consis- tently in three events, and we're holding her back in a fourth. "She would tell you she's OK doing one or four, whatever it takes to make the team successful. at's who she is." She's a Floridian who is at home as a Hawkeye.

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