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In the past two years, clearly the most captivating event for the Mendoza College was earning consecutive Dear Friends, top rankings for undergraduate business education from Bloomberg Businessweek. In addition, our graduate programs and business ethics initiatives achieved the highest placement in many respective rankings. Enrollment in the undergraduate program continues to surpass previous highs, and we've experienced placement of students seeking jobs at 98 percent in a down economy. After these whirlwind years, my overriding emotion is less of excitement and more of gratitude. Behind the scenes are the Mendoza faculty and staff who work tirelessly and make every effort to serve our students: equipping them with the intellectual and professional skills needed for success and en- couraging them to cultivate a moral compass. Our work has been enhanced by the incredibly generous support from alumni and benefactors, whose collective financial, mentoring and network contributions enable us to exceed our strategic goals and lay the foundation for pursuing the boldest dreams. These gifts from the heart—dedication to the students, generosity of time and money, personal sacrifices to go the extra mile, and putting the welfare of the whole before individual consideration— are the fibers that make up the tapestry of the College's success. In the papal encyclical , Pope Benedict XVI reminds us that all gifts are from God and that "gift by its nature goes 2 Dean Woo will become the CEO of Catholic Relief Services as of Jan. 1, 2012. Caritas in V eritate

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