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Faculty Honors and Research Jeffrey Bergstrand, professor of finance, and his co-author of "Do Free Trade Agreements Actually Increase Members' International Trade?" were recognized in the "Top 20 most-cited articles" published in the Journal of International Economics, 2005-2009 Zhi Da and Pengjie (Paul) Gao, assistant professors of finance, and a co-author, were awarded the 2010 Crowel First Prize by the Quantitative Research Group at PanAgora Asset Management, as well as first place at the 2009 Chicago Qualitative Alliance Academic Competition for their paper "In Search of Attention," which examined the correlation between Google search frequency and investor attention University Teaching Awards Matt Bloom James L. Fuehrmeyer Sam Gaglio Jeff Hart Ken Milani James A. O'Brien Janet O'Tousa Mendoza Teaching Awards John F. Affleck-Graves Charles Bamford Matt Bloom Robert Bretz Jerry Langley Alan L. Nelson James A. O'Brien Phillip Raskin David Ricchiute Sarv Devaraj, professor of management, and his co-author won The International Conference of the Decision Sciences Institute's (DSI) Best Environmental Issues Paper Award for "Do as I Say Not as I Do—An Empirical Examination of the Relationship between Corporate Sustainability Beliefs and Performance" Ken Milani, professor of accountancy, received the Beta Alpha Psi 2011 "Business Information Professional of the Year" award Elizabeth S. Moore, the Notre Dame Associate Professor of Marketing and her co-author were elected the 18th recipients of the Thomas C. Kinnear Award for their article "The Online Marketing of Food to Children: Is It Just Fun and Games?" which appeared in the fall 2007 issue of the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing. The award honors articles that have made a significant contribution to the understanding of marketing and public-policy issues within the past three years. Patrick E. Murphy, marketing professor, received the 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award of the Marketing and Society Special Interest Group of the American Marketing Association. The award recognizes outstanding contributions in the field of marketing and society, public policy and marketing ethics. Frank K. Reilly, Bernard J. Hank Professor of Finance, was the 2009 recipient of the Hortense Friedman CFA Award for Excellence sponsored by the CFA Society of Chicago. The award is presented to a member of the Chicago-area investment community who has demonstrated initiative, leadership and a commitment to professional excellence. John F. Sherry Jr., Raymond W. and Kenneth G. Herrick Professor of Marketing, won the Journal of Retailing 2011 William R. Davidson Honorable Mention Award for his research "Why Are Themed Brandstores So Powerful? Retail Brand Ideology at American Girl Place." The paper also won the Emerald Management Reviews Citation of Excellence, which recognizes the 50 best research papers from 400 journals published in 2009 by Emerald Management Reviews. Sherry was elected the first president of the Consumer Culture Theory Consortium at the 2011 Consumer Culture Theory Conference. Ann Tenbrunsel, Rex and Alice A. Martin Professor of Business Ethics and co-director, Institute for Ethical Business Worldwide, was named a finalist in the 2009 Faculty Pioneer Awards by the Center for Business Education at the Aspen Institute. Mendoza College faculty experts quoted in media stories during July-August 2011 reached a potential audience of 290 million Chaired Professors John Affleck-Graves Notre Dame Chair in Finance Robert D. Bretz Joe and Jane Giovanini Professor of Management Edward J. Conlon Edward Frederick Sorin Society Professor of Management 28 J. Michael Crant John W. Berry Sr. Professor of Business Peter Easton Arthur Andersen Alumni Professor of Accountancy Georges Enderle John T. Ryan Jr. Professor of International Business Ethics Thomas J. Frecka Vincent and Rose Lizzadro Professor of Accountancy Roger D. Huang Kenneth R. Meyer Professor of Global Investment Management Timothy A. Judge Franklin D. Schurz Professor of Management Timothy Loughran C.R. Smith Professor of Finance Bill McDonald Thomas A. and James J. Bruder Professor of Administrative Leadership Richard Mendenhall Fred V. Duda Professor of Business H. Fred Mittelstaedt Deloitte Foundation Professor of Accountancy Journal o f Public P olicy & Mark eting

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