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the gift of gathering YEARLONG FORUM CONSIDERS BUSINESS AND SOCIETY Each year, ND Forum organizers choose a consequential topic to feature in a series of conferences and events. The organizers draw in some of the most innovative experts in order to bring some of the best global thinking to bear. The theme for 2010-2011 was "The Global Marketplace and the Common Good," reflecting the Caritas in Veritate perspective of business' critical impact on society. Mendoza played a lead role in organizing the Forum with Dean Caroyn Woo serving on the steering committee and Associate Dean Edward Conlon acting as committee chair. Dean Woo also served as host for one of the Forum's signature events—a talk by Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman. Select Conferences (Fall 2009-Spring 2011) 2011 University of Notre Dame Family Business Seminar The Mendoza College of Business, in conjunction with the Gigot Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, hosted a two-day program for business-owning alumni families. The seminar examined specific challenges facing business-owning families: governance and continuity. 2011 Consumer Culture Theory Conference Founded by John F. Sherry Jr., Raymond W. & Kenneth G. Herrick Professor of Marketing, this traveling annual conference provides a premier venue for consumer-culture researchers to share their ideas, empirical insights and theoretical interests in an engaging and invigorating forum. 2011 and 2010 Conferences on Current Topics in Financial Regulation This annual conference, sponsored by the Center for the Study of Financial Regulation, gathers top financial industry experts from banking, business schools, trading companies and regulatory agencies to discuss and present research surrounding current market issues. 2011 Accounting for Uncertainty and Risk: Investor, Management and Policy Implications The annual conference sponsored by the Center for Accounting Research and Education (CARE) and the Department of Accountancy, invites top executives from the Big Four accountancy firms, experts and faculty members to discuss emerging issues impacting the field of accountancy. 2011 Midwest Summer Research Conference The traveling conference, sponsored by the Department of Accountancy in 2011, includes faculty members and doctoral students from the universities of Iowa, Minnesota, Notre Dame and Ohio State. Faculty members from each of the schools presented current research papers, which included topics such as the market pricing of other-than-temporary impairments, and principles-based standards and the informativeness of earnings. 2010 Review of Accounting Studies (RAST) Conference The conference, sponsored by the Department of Accountancy, focused on "Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation: Forecasting Firm and Industry Fundamentals." The Review of Accounting Studies conference provides an outlet for significant academic research in accounting, including theoretical, empirical and experimental work. 2010 Behavioral Business Ethics: Ideas on an Emerging Field Sponsored by the Institute for Ethical Business Worldwide, the conference featured prominent scholars working within the field of behavioral ethics who spoke on the topics of what behavioral ethics means to them, what it includes, what the field could look like, what is new by including "behavioral" in the field of ethics and morality, and what benefits to organi- zations and management could arise with such a focus. The conference also hosted the sixth-annual "Excellence in Ethics: Dissertation Proposal Competition" sponsored by the Institute for Ethical Business Worldwide. 2010 Conference on Corporate Communication Sponsored by the Eugene D. Fanning Center, the 13th annual conference brought in leading corporate executives, practitioners, and professionals to discuss current issues and best practices. 2010 and 2009 Financial Executive Alumni Conferences (FEAC) The annual conference, hosted by the Department of Finance, gathered experienced finance and business professionals with an undergraduate or graduate degree from Notre Dame. 27 Conferences

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