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1 Welcome to Cleveland Steel Container Corporation We staed Cleveland Stl Container over 50 years ago and it's bn a long jouey. T he key to our suess h bn, and wi continue to be, ltening to our ctomers and responding to their changing n, coled with kping our entire re-investment foc on stl pai only. T h foc knly understd by our eloys and aiculated in our Msion Statement. We work continuoly to irove our ctomers' coetitive positio in a changing marketplace. As our biness grows, so do our iovatio. Today becae of the stability that multle manufacturing plants offer, our ctomers are buying more than jt a stl container – they are buying the fu resources and proven track record of a reliable packaging solutio provider. Eve day, we foc on thr key are that are of the utmost conce to our ctomers: Quality the number one objective at Cleveland Stl . By combining our own iovatio with fdback from our ctomers, we're able to continuoly irove our operating syste and mt the most stringent worldwide standar. Seice never takes second place at Cleveland Stl. We've built our reputation and our biness by reliably delivering what our ctomers want, when and where they want it, a owing them to foc on the suess of their own binesses . Value what hpe when quality and seice come together to deliver long-te solutio that go beyond individual sales . We strive to lea about our ctomer's binesses and match our cabilities in a cost effective way. We've laid a few es along the way, but leaed a lot and gained a lot of practical field experience t. Our teachers have bn our ctomers – that's why we continue to lten to them eve day. P.S. " We make gd pai and deliver them on time." Christopher I. Page, Chairman & CEO

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