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as basketball, Futsal set out to allow for speed of play while bringing a team discipline and work rate in order to achieve greatness. Soon, creativity emerged. Players were given moments to express themselves and achieve the impossible with new moves not seen on the soccer field before. The game introduced Elastico, Rainbow, Maradona and the Around the World to name a few. The fundamental changes seen in Futsal are the inability to charge into your opponent to win the ball and alternatively encourage a player to predict an opponent's thought process. In soccer, dribbling is a refined skill. Futsal, given its limited space and unique heavier ball, focuses more on passing and movement in tight spaces. This led to the increasingly popular modern skill of ball manipulation to beat your opponent and to gain those extra inches your team requires to win. Time is your enemy in Futsal. Even though there is no shot or play clock, there is the presence of the four-second rule. This keeps the heartbeat of Futsal beating and the energy alive. When the ball exits the playing field or in the keeper's possession, four seconds is all you are allowed to restart the play. Futsal is here. It has given birth to the new incarnation of the soccer player. Its influence can be seen at every training ground, with players trying to copy their idols' moves, and in every professional soccer game. The best thing about Futsal is all you need is a Futsal ball, sneakers and your imagination. The game will come to you. Coach Rich Bryan, founder of Brookridge Soccer Consultants, has many years of coaching experience, both in the UK and the US. Currently he coaches two teams for Triangle United and he founded the Hornets Futsal Club. Hello soccer fans! My name is Aaron D'Errico, creator of the world's first super soccer-hero, "Ammon Walker", seen in the Emmy winning segment, "The Power Of Imagination". The goal with Ammon is creating empowering entertainment that taps into the global passion for soccer, resulting in an exciting way to experience learning, via Ammon's narrated, animated, globe spanning soccer adventures in digital motion comics. It's a personal objective to inspire others to read, especially after over-coming a learning disability myself, later earning almost all A's. Comic books were a gateway to knowledge for me, so after Marvel Comics/POW! Entertainment icon, Stan Lee said he expects "great things" from me, I dedicated myself to achieving that through improving quality of life by promoting learning through and about the power of "The world's game" with Ammon. The next step in that is funding Ammon's story, narrated by former NASL Seattle Sounders co-owner/Rock n' Roll Hall Of Fame DJ, Pat O'Day, via a crowdfunding campaign at Any contributions to the fundraiser and messages to The Ellen DeGeneres Show for her segment on funding inspiring projects is much appreciated. Thank you for being a part of this goal becoming a reality. With gratitude, Aaron DONATIONS ARE ACCEPTED AT TILT.COM

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