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As the days get shorter and the temperatures colder, we thought we'd take a look at one of the most popular forms of the indoor game in the world — futsal. Futsal can be unfamiliar to many in the States, so we asked Brookridge Soccer Founder and CEO Rich Bryan, a premier futsal coach to offer up his insights on the fast-paced game. Soccer is "the beautiful game." This title is earned through the ability to involve everyone; no matter a player's skill, background or place in the world. It is a passion and culture within itself; allowing for self expression and the ability to capture the world's breath in a single heartbeat. Futsal is an enhancement; Futsal is to soccer what Picasso is to art and Mozart to music. It is a symphony of creativity and imagination. A game played at speed, Futsal allows little time for thought. Players are forced to rely on instinct and reflex reactions. Essentially, Futsal is a game of chess played on a bigger board. From its beginnings, Futsal was not shy to break the rules and the accepted standards of normality within soccer. Taking from sports such Article by Rich Bryan SOCCER.COM | FUTSAL A POPULAR VARIATION OF INDOOR SOCCER | 1-800-934-3876

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