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Varsity - January 30, 2014

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24 // VARSITY January 30, 2014 ' ' THOMAS HASLE // MEN'S ROWING // SEATTLE, WASH. "I am an avid Seahawks fan and have been one ever since I was five when I moved to America. My plans for watching the game are putting on my Russell Wilson jersey, going to my friend's Super Bowl party and throwing Skittles at my friends every time Marshawn Lynch has a 'Beast Mode' run." ' ' ASK THE BADGERS QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What are your plans for watching the Super Bowl? JULIA GLUECK // WOMEN'S LT. ROWING // SEATTLE, WASH. I've been a Seahawks fan my whole life since they are my home team, though I'm not a huge follower of football. I'm excited because historically we haven't had the best sports teams in Seattle. My friends and I plan to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday. Most of us are Seahawks fans, but we'll be watching with a Denver fan." KENZEL DOE // FOOTBALL // REIDSVILLE, N.C. "About 35 to 40 of us on the team are watching the game at Coach Andersen's house. Having played with both Russell and Montee, I haven't decided who I'm rooting for yet. It's going to be exciting just watching those guys. That's why it's so hard to choose who I want to win. It's going to be pretty fun to watch and know that I actually played with somebody who is in the Super Bowl." EVAN BERNIER // ASST. SWIMMING COACH // DES MOINES, WASH. "I've been a Seahawks fans since I can remember, way back when they were in AFC West, where the rivalry between the Hawks and Broncos started. Being from Colorado, Whitney (Hite) is a huge Denver fan ― I just try and keep my mouth shut, Marshawn Lynch style. Whitney invited me to his place for his annual Super Bowl party but I've respectfully declined." WHITNEY HITE // HEAD SWIMMING & DIVING COACH // DENVER, COLO. "Born and raised in Denver means you are born and raised a Broncos fan. I have hated the Seahawks as long as I can remember. They used to be in the AFC West with the Broncos so we would see them two times every season. As a Broncos fan I know heartache of losing the big one, so I don't talk too much. Evan (Bernier) is smart enough to not say anything, either. It's fun because we both are super passion- ate about it and respect each other. I was going to go to the Super Bowl and was offered tickets but we have a meet the day before so I will have a good party at my house instead."

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