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Varsity - September 5, 2013

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'' '' ASK THE BADGERS QUESTION OF THE WEEK: The NFL season starts this week. Who is your favorite NFL football team? MARISSA MERSCH // SOFTBALL // DOWNERS GROVE, ILL. "The Bears. It's a family tradition. The number one rule my parents gave me when I chose Wisconsin was that I couldn't be a Packers fan. Sundays this year will be brutal because all of my roommates are Green Bay fans." BART HOUSTON // FOOTBALL // DUBLIN, CALIF. "Even though I'm from California, I'm a Green Bay Packers fan. My dad is a lifelong Packers fan and actually named me after Bryan Bartlett 'Bart' Starr. My full name is Bartlett, but I've always chosen to go by Bart." LIGA BLYHOLDER // WOMEN'S CROSS COUNTRY // LEE'S SUMMIT, MO. "The Kansas City Chiefs are definitely my favorite NFL team. I grew up in Kansas City and have always been a huge fan of the city's sports teams. Although we haven't been the most successful in recent years, Chiefs fans are some of the proudest supporters you'll ever meet." MARK ZENGERLE // MEN'S HOCKEY // ROCHESTER, N.Y. "Sad to say, but my favorite team is the Buffalo Bills. I grew up liking them. My whole family likes them. The neighbors. Everyone. It has been a tough time being a Bills fan. Back when I was a little kid they lost four Super Bowls in a row. The last time they were in the playoffs was 1999 in the Music City Miracle with the backwards lateral against Tennessee. I was watching ESPN earlier today and they were ranked 30 out of 32, so not too promising this year, but I'll be watching every game." 22 // VARSITY September 5, 2013

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