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SIERRA LEONE RUSH Local Village kids come together to Join Rush Soccer "Wh Over four hundred soccer jerseys, shorts, and socks are distributed to kids in the remote jungle on the border of Sierra Leone and Guinea. They live twenty miles from the nearest road and are poor enough that most of the kids cannot afford pants. ere t h e T rails of P Sierra Leone Rush has extended the Rush Brand to some of the remote villages in Sierra Leone. After the distribution of soccer equipment to the kids in the villages, the elderly people in the village ask Rush administrator to set up soccer teams for the kids to compete against other villages. U5, U8 and U9 teams have been set up to play in a developmental league this year playing against other eastern villages. With a shortage of coaches, the village has decided to work jointly with the City of Kenema to develop a more positive soccer experience for these age groups by sending soccer players from the town first division team to train the kids bi-weekly. These young people would be happy to know that someone cares enough to share these soccer supplies. Thank you for taking a little time to read about the changes Rush is bringing to children in Sierra Leone, and, with your encouragement, we hope that some of these kids will become the next African soccer star. Sierra Leone Rush is currently serving close to five hundred children in and around Sierra Leone. Many kids in Sierra Leone have never seen soccer equipment like players around the world play with, and they also have never seen a real soccer ball, soccer uniform, or soccer cleats before. December 15th, 2013 our organization is having a soccer tournament all over the cities and villages of Sierra Leone. We are in desperate need of soccer equipment to get the children ready for the Rush soccer tournament. assion an d P For more information about the Sierra Leone Rush Soccer Club, you can find us online at: Tajikistan Rush urpose M Tajikistan Rush Ready to Host Tournament eet , B Tajikistan Rush has been awarded a grant from the Asian Football Development Project (AFDP). The AFDP was inspired by the vision to launch several new clubs in Tajikistan and is partnering to make this vision a reality. egins t h e P As August 2013 fast approaches, Tajikistan Rush is in full swing preparing for unprecedented "Rush" events. Throughout the past year, the Tajikistan Football Federation and Rush have been involved in a unique partnership toward the development of youth in collaboration with existing professional clubs. When the Asian Football Development Project heard about the vision, they jumped at the chance to join in the project. at h to V ictory " PAGE 28 SUMMER 2013 As a result, Rush, The Tajikistan Football Federation, and the Asian Football Development Project will be conducting an 18 team tournament in two cities followed by a coaching seminar for coaches of the participating teams. On hand for the event will be representatives from all across the world who are eager to see the new developments taking place in Tajikistan. Surely this will be a summer to remember! Event name: Rush Cup Event location: Dushanbe, Tajikistan and Kurgan teppa, Tajikistan Event date(s): August 2013 Event contact info: Other Event details: Stakeholders Dinner Event and Coaching Course to Follow For more information about the Tajikistan Rush Soccer Club, you can find us online at:

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