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Spring 2013

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Seminary Synopsis Seminary Reflects on its Mission of Biblical Reconciliation W e live in a world divided: politically, socio-economically, racially, and, unfortunately, religiously. Into such a world, the Christian church brings an important message: reconciliation. Seldom has such a term offered so much promise, so much hope, for a time such as ours. In ancient (and unfortunately our own) times, the human goal has been domination over opponents, an utter vanquishing of any contrarian's perspective. Who among us has not thought that such a demanding approach would vindicate and thus liberate those who might confirm our position? Are we not right to deem holy and justified our own perspective and thus demonize and strip divergent interpretations or approaches of any godly power? Into such absolutist positions comes the radical (from the Latin meaning "to the root") account of a God we wish were consumed with our attempts to defend His character, yet what we encounter is a God who acts to free us from our own misunderstandings of what Volume 9, Issue 1 In this issue reconciliation entails. Our God actuates a freedom to be for God and others in a fundamental change. God seeks, enacts, and makes present a whole new way of being that frees each person for life in communion with God and with others. Paul seeks to articulate this new possibility in 2 Corinthians 5:16-21. Whereas sin has separated us from God and others (remember that the classical definition of sin is that we are incurvatus a se, bent in upon ourselves), God creates a space where we may risk living turned outwardly, a life of love. God has done a new act, something that was previously inconceivable, in Jesus the Christ. God has made feasible something that we could not expect, a new form of being that releases us to try a form of life distinctive from our self-centered pasts. Now we may be different from how we have sought to be human, for now we know that we are those created in the image of God. Through the Holy Spirit, Continued on page 2 Seminary Synopsis | Spring 2013 SPRING '13 Page 2-3 QARA: Women in Ministry Stained Glass Sermons Series Seminary Applies for Lilly Endowment Grant Nongpluh's Book Sheds Light on Leaders Page 4-5 Massey Continues Scholarly Work Marble Serving with Academy of Preachers Leitch named 2012-13 Jeeninga Fellow Students Experience Israel Heaton Serves in AUCME Page 6-7 Stafford's "Theology for Disciples" Oldham Seating Area Finds New Home New CCL Participants Kinnaman and Branson Deliver Harp Lectures Global Gathering Graduation Banquet Page 8-9 Outside the walls Roitman Lectures 1

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