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John Streif is probably the greatest person in the world. He is the greatest individual and a loyal Hawkeye. He was there for all the players. John is a great person, a great story, and just a class guy. You wondered if there were five Streifers running around Iowa City at one time. He seemed to be everywhere at once. We all thought as players we could depend on him for about anything. — Steve Waite, UI men's basketball (1978-81) — Kent McCausland, UI men's basketball (1996-99) Without John Streif, I don't think there would be an Iowa football program. He is unbelievable. He helped me get through the University of Iowa and he was always there. I could talk forever about John Streif. His selflessness; he does nothing for himself and he is always doing something for others. John is always looking to do anything, everything he can for the athletes here. He is always at the hospital, always looking after someone. He is a great individual. You don't see many people in your lifetime like John Streif. — Michael Titley, UI football (1989-90) I'll never forget walking onto campus and Streify was right there taking care of you. Throughout my career he was the one guy kind of like a father figure for everybody on the team. He has a special place in my heart within my family. I can't imagine anything running over here without John Streif. He is a part of Iowa athletics. — Adam Haluska, UI men's basketball (2005-07) 55 — Ronnie Lester, UI men's basketball (1977-80) I love him. He is like my second father. No one can ever say a negative word about him. No one can ever think a negative thought about him. The legacy he leaves with people stretches generations. — Danan Hughes, UI football, baseball (1989-92)

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